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Found 4th Jun 2007
I hope someone has an answer to my dilemma.
Staying with relatives for 3 months who have dial up connection. They are not interested in broadband so I am wondering if I can sign up with a provider only for 3 months?
Can anyone help? Thanks
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I used to have pay as you go broadband with Virgin. Not sure if they still do this after their conversion to Virgin Media, but might be worth checking out.

The only other place I have heard of is FastHosts, no idea what they are like though.


You will either have a connection fee or cancellation fee though, I think it was £50 with Virgin.

Hope this helps.
plusnet also have a no contract option
thanks folks I knew I could rely on you! In the meantime if anyone has any reviews on any of the above I will apprecciate it

and also if anyone knows of any deals on routers!!
Hope this helps -

Updated 19 March 2007

ISPs who own other ISPs

There are a few major ISPs that own some of the smaller companies out there & it is typical that if the major company invokes a policy this ripples down to the smaller ones also.

Plusnet Group (Plusnet are also using Tiscali LLU)
Plusnet, Force9, Free-Online & Metronet

Pipex Group
Pipex, Freedom 2 surf (F2S), Nildram, Firstnet, Toucan, Bulldog

Claranet, netscalibur, U-Net

The Good

These ISPs are currently good for all things P2P related.

+ [Stable connection, no restrictions, No traffic management]
- [Expensive e.g. 512k £29.99 month, No ADSLMAX atm, 12 month contract]
- [UPDATE December 2006 - New package Max plans with download restrictions old packages defunct to new customers]

Ace Internet
+ [no restrictions]
- [currently P2P managing due to mistral server problems during world cup allegedly]
- [UPDATE 19/06/06 - 3.5Gb per 24 hours on Usenet & P2P Introduced]

+ [no restrictions, Cheapish]
- [Cheap yet unsure of sustainability if heavy users join]

+ [Fast connections, good download limits, No traffic managment]
- [Customer service intermitant, Pulling out end user market]
- [NOW OWNED BY PIPEX AS OF 7 Sept 2006}

+ [Good speeds etc]
- [Very limited availability]
* [Update BE* have been bought by O2 as of 22/06/06]

Zen Internet
+ [Good speeds, good pricing]
- [ New download limits a bit tight (Hard capping) & £1 per GB if over cap limit]

UK Online
+ [Good speeds, good limits on monthly useage e.g 500Gb on 8Mb]
- [Poor customer service]

NTL / Blueyonder
+ [Speeds very consistent, restrictions not enforced]
- [Customer service poor] [BY Support alot better]

+ [good connection speeds]
- [Moderate high prices (not to bad though)]

+ [Unlimited download, Cheap]
- [ 2MB max connections]

The Bad

Barge pole & don't touch with come to mind, you have been warned.

+ [speeds, limits OK, no traffic management]
- [FUP - Peak time limits (package dependant)]
Moved to bad by popular demand as their service has deteriorated considerably.

Pipex (Sorry to put em here)
+ [Stable connections, good limits]
- [Traffic managment of P2P 24/7 Max speeds 20K]

Freedom 2 Surf (F2S) (Pipex owned)
+ [Hard to think of any]
- [Traffic managment of P2P]

+ [NONE]
- [Google them & watch the crap hit the fan they are that bad]

Home Call (Using Tiscali products)
+ [NONE]
- [Traffic Managment 28K, Customer service non existant, Throttling connections]

Wanadoo (Orange)
+ [will accept anyone]
- [One of the worst ISPs about]

+ [ ]
- [One of the worst ISPs about]

+ [Cheap]
- [Using Traffic Managment 10Kb peak Times 4pm - 12am or 24/7 for excessive use]

+ [no comments]
- [like to send letters & kick, Bad customer support, restrictions on use, dl limits from 2Gb to 40GB month]

- [OWNED BY PIPEX AS OF 07 Sept 2006]

- From reports have instigated traffic shaping during peak times & putting heavy users on a sin bin pool.

The In between

These are the ones that I am looking into at the moment & may stay here or move into one of the above catagories.

Metronet (Part of Plusnet)
+ [good speeds]
- [ Part of Plusnet so all - of them sooner or later]

Lixxus (PAYG ISP)
+ [pay for what you use]
- [not much info on atm]

NDO (Part of Neamesco)
+ [Good pricing, unrestricted]
- [No information atm]

I would go with Fast4
dont have any reveiws as such but have used plusnet for a few months now and have been pretty good, customer services are really good. had an issue with the activation date but so they gave me a months free access :thumbsup:
thank you again
just out of curiosity as I just remembered, does the fact that the line is for bloked to incoming calls only cause any problems?
btw the line is blocked out of choice not because of any sinister reasons
at the moment the connection is dial up with talktalk (I think)
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