'No digital TV signal available'

    Hi all, haven't got a clue about these things so please bare with me!

    My dads Toshiba Smart TV which he used for freeview through a normal analogue aerial input stopped working yesterday and started to display 'NO DIGITAL TV SIGNAL AVAILABLE'.

    I've tried to re-tune but it doesn't work. Am I right in assuming that the manual aerial has stopped working and I now need a digital aerial?

    If so, what do I need to buy to get normal freeview to work?

    Thanks in advance


    have you checked the aerial cable and make sure it is connected to the back of the TV and also check the cable for any kinks for breakages (follow the cable to the aerial. some people may have a junction box where the cable plugs in to also check this is connected up and not loose)

    P.S if he has ever had SKY in the house and that aerial cable is there u can use that to get a Digital signal for Freesat

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    Firstly can you check if the aerial is still intact and not fallen off.
    Also check if the cable is attached to the the TV correctly and is not loose in any way.

    If it's the normal aerial in the house and it was working before, it's unlikely you'll need a whole new aerial system.

    Things to check:
    - where is the aerial? Is it on the roof or in the loft space?
    - you may find the cabling in the loft - is there a booster and/or distributor mounted somewhere? This is a box which is powered. If the fuse has blown, then it's likely the signal will be very low.
    - have you had any high winds or storms in the past 24 hours? Is it possible the aerial has moved or tilted?
    - check for water ingress in the cables - if they're squidgy and bit wet, then they're shot and would need replacing.

    Unless you live in a really strong TV signal aerial, you may find the plug-in-the-back-of-TV solo aerials not good enough for digital. You may need to get a TV aerial man in to check all the above and get it fixed...

    Guess aerial lead has failed or more likely lead has fallen out from somewhere. Make sure tv is plugged directly in to wall outlet aerial socket. Bypass all other devices if you have any. Now you have retuned you probably have to do again as it's been wiped. Select the first time installation from tv menu setup. You see a warning about wiping everything. That's good, that's what you want..come back here for further help of needed.

    there hasn't been analog broadcasts in the uk for sometime so if it was working yesterday it should still work today, as above check aerial etc or the tv tuner has broken, maybe can be bypassed by using a freeview box etc.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the suggestions all, I'll give them a go!

    has he or you been up the loft recently maybe getting christmas decs out if a booster or distributor mounted up there you may of knocked a cable out
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    Thanks for the suggestions all, I'll give them a go!

    Does he or you you have spare tv if yes plug the aerial into it if that works ok it will be the other tv at fault if does not work then look at the aerial .


    Am I right in assuming that the manual aerial has stopped working and I … Am I right in assuming that the manual aerial has stopped working and I now need a digital aerial?

    There's no such thing as a digital or analogue aerial. The physical method used to deliver TV hasn't changed, analogue and digital refers to the way the signal is parsed by your TV. 'Digital' aerials are primarily sellers looking for a marketing advantage.

    Some people have had to replace perfectly good aerials because their local transmitter has shifted to a different frequency so that may be an issue, but it would be surprising to lose all the channels. It's generally just a group or two of them.

    I would guess either a connection has broken/fallen out somewhere or the TV has simply broken. Budget TVs like Vestel/Toshiba don't tend to last for that long.
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