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Posted 14th Jun 2021
good evening all,
So, I had an accident this afternoon where a van hit me due to failed break, according to the driver. Thanks god it was noting major we exchanged details and went our own ways.

My concern is that I had similar accident where a car roll down off the drive and hit me when I was parked about 2 years ago; although the owner warned me not to report it to my insurance and for us to sort between us, I thought I would get in trouble for not reporting it and I did report it to my insurance regardless and went to sort it out with him directly. In which he paid the cost for repair, I then ended up loosing my NCB at the end.
my question is do I lose my NCB if I report today's accident to my insurance again? is it worth to deal with it directly not report it at all? I am not really sure what to do? any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
thank you
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