No good deed goes unpunished. And all that...

Found 29th Oct 2017
I was in a local Home Bargains earlier and I was passing the toy section when a little boy, about 6-8ish, asked me very nicely if I could lift a Star Wars lightsabre thing down for him. So, I did as he asked and the first thing he did was hit me with it. He then started brandishing the lightsabre and making all these HAH!s and growling noises. At which point his mum came over, told him to go and put it back and gave me a huge dirty look.

I only went in to buy coffee.
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Sith happens.
is this him?

Should have congratulate her on her violent little child.
Sith happens.
Destard10 m ago

Whats with the numbers in your username?

It's a shape or pattern on a keypad usually. Not sure if this is one, my laptop doesn't have a number pad. You sometimes see swastikas and stuff though.
Edited by: "Krooner" 29th Oct 2017
Should have cut his hand off and told him you were his father...........
Did you feel the force?

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