No GP, needing travel insurance asap

Posted 20th May 2016
Good evening,

I'm due to travel early next week, but currently not registered to a GP Surgery.

Is there any companies which don't require me to be registered?
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I've never, ever had to add a GP when taking out travel insurance.
Me either
Or me
It's on my new travel insurance policy schedule (Tesco) that I am required to be registered with a GP in the UK. I think you may have to wade through the requirements section to find out, or phone the company.
never really thought of this point - but I have just checked the T&Cs of my policy with Insure&Go and can see no reference to being registered with a GP

did a search of the pdf of T&Cs for "doctor" / "GP" / "registered" / "practitioner" and nothing that says you must be registered with a UK GP !!!

but I can see why this could well be a requirement - an easy get out clause if travelling with a pre-existing condition - just say no GP and did not know !!!!

so try Insure&Go

T&Cs here

You should register with a GP anyway. You never know when you might get ill or injured and need one at short notice!
willhay55520th May 2016

I've never, ever had to add a GP when taking out travel insurance.

Try claiming without it.

Buying travel insurance is a totally different experience from claiming
they won't ask about gp but when you claim for medical expense you will need to provide gp details for them to check your medical conditions declared (or not as the case may be). when i claimed medical expense for my mum, they wanted 5 years of medical records from her gp!
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