no home phone line connected to house

    just given virgin notice and need to get my tv and internet sorted. as i have no phone line connected to house who is best to use that wont charge a fortune to connect a line. any advice appreciated thanks


    I might be wrong but I think you have to use BT Openreach to have a ne line connected. However, check the deals on Uswitch, BroadbandChoices etc, as you might not have to pay a fortune anyway

    Sky will do free new line provide (NLP) when taking TV. It's normally £100.

    You probably should have got a line install date first before cancelling Virgin, saves not having any broadband etc. for a period of time. If your line install date is after your Virgin cancellation date, just call Virgin and ask them to change your cancellation date to a day before the line install.

    Hope this helps

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    thanks that's very helpful...

    Sky do it much cheaper than rip-off BT

    Whatever company you use as your service provider will arrange for your line installation.

    Do you really need one?
    Moved in Feb didn't bother with one, haven't missed it or felt the need to ever use one.

    As above, service provider will do it if you ask, if you thinking of switching then best time is now to ask who would do it for free.

    Sky do it for free, i think talktalk do as well however if you leave them before the minimum contract end date they will charge you for any work been done

    If you've dropped VM, and want more than Freeview or Freesat, then Sky (maybe by comparison site) is probably the best shot.
    If you don't bother with a landline, then the only broadband options are BB only with VM, or mobile broadband


    Do you really need one?Moved in Feb didn't bother with one, haven't … Do you really need one?Moved in Feb didn't bother with one, haven't missed it or felt the need to ever use one.

    Don't you need one for broadband, assuming your not with a cable provider like the OP?

    Technically I have a landline as the bundle included it but just never connected a phone to it due to only having one socket in the entire house which is taken up by the router.

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    just to give an update.. had a call this morning from virgin and they have reduced my package from £75 to £32 so after reading so many times they'll call you....they actually did so was worth cancelling for me (tho the woman who rang was taken aback when she asked me to confirm my security questions and i said no lol after all they rang me?)
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