no hot water in bathroom basin and low pressure.

    Any idea what I can do check why this is the case? Just moved into a property. The rest of the taps seems fine but this particular sink in the bathroom doesn't seem. To have hot water and has low pressure on one side when turned



    help us out a bit.

    What floor is it on?
    where is the hot water source?
    Is it a combi or an immersion tank?
    where/how do pipes run?

    As above. Also check the basics - does the tap actually have a pipe (check under the basin)? Is there a valve in the pipe that could be switched off?

    Is there a bath/shower in the room - if so is the hot water running?

    Knackered taps ?

    Ok i hd the same issue with my bathroom mixer tap . It was not hot and temperature would not go up . The tap was faulty change the tap may help

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    The shower seems to be powered by electric. So will always be hot. It's not a combi boiler but there is a water storage tank we have in the room next door. It's all on the 1st floor

    They are mixer taps too. Will look behind the sink thanks

    Sounds like tap valve gone. Need a new one. You can test by swapping the inserts and see if that fixes although you won't be able to keep it that way because it will be wrong way to turn on and off. Is it a quarter turn tap? If so then it's a ceramic insert so get the number off it and buy another. Many different sorts so unlikely to buy new one off shelf at diy that will fit. Get mine off ebay but send pic to seller or at least message first. I normally buy both and replace. How to on YouTube. Tip. Put plug in before you start screws don't go down
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    ok i checked this morning, the hot water is coming through. but obviously very minimally and low pressure.
    apparenrly there is only one feed on the floor which the kitchen sink also uses and that works fine (pressure for both cold and hot) so its only in the bathroom.

    its a Single Lever Operation tap (seems a cheap one as not marked which direction is hot or cold)

    So it is either the tap as others have suggested or there could be some form of restriction in the line - possibly an isolation valve that is not fully open. If it is an isolation valve it should be accessible so trace the hot pipe back from the tap and see if you can see anything.

    Common problem is sometimes people have tap installed which are not suited to low pressure systems which is what u have. 1/4 turn taps are mostly for high pressure systems ie Combi boilers. Unless the tap states it suitable for low pressure. Might be that u will need to change your tap, fit a pump to boost the pressure or u are looking to fit a combi boiler soon.

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    thanks guys for your help.
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