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    Anyone >_

    LA this time of year, is rougly about £300+. Are you only interested in LA or would you consider other places?

    As for this goverment - well, it is the same everywhere (America being the worst).

    Sorry to hear that things are not going well for you but don't go getting into too much debt to fund a holiday. The problem will only be waiting for you on your return

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    I was 23 when I went to California on my own, landed in LA went to Hollywood stayed in a place called the Beverley laurel Motel, met some nice people, that was a long time ago I dont know how safe it would be now for a 'lone traveller' you can get a Greyhound Bus really cheaply, I went again a few years later and paid just over £70 from Montreal to San Francisco - I dont think its much more now, its a 14 day ticket.

    Have you thought about Spain or Greece, in fact Greece wouold be a lovely place to 'find yourself' and a lot cheaper than LA.

    I agree that you are probably running away from things that are only going to still be here when you come back.

    Another option is join the YHA (International one) you will meet a lot of people staying in the YHA's
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