No Man's Sky

    I'm in two minds here. I have one finger firmly on that buy button and the back end of my brain telling me not to do it.

    The game seems to be receiving somewhat of a mediocre panning in the early release reviews with concern focusing towards the lack of longevity (ironically) the game will give us before we finally cave to the fact that we've been doing the same thing for the past however long. I appreciate that NMS has been labelled as one of this generations must have titles, but I just fear that I'm going to pay the early days silly price tag for it and be bored in a week.

    I know quite a few of you will have picked it up and I was just wondering what the general feeling was towards NMS? I'll chuck a few of the concerns I have read below, are they concerns I should worry about?

    Cheers guys, appreciate your feedback.

    "Over on IGN, our former reviews editor Dan Stapleton is similarly let down by many of No Man’s Sky’s systems, criticizing its space combat (“extremely disappointing”), the lack of interesting ambient events (“nothing of consequence ever happens in this vast universe”), and the game’s alien NPCs (“they don’t actually do anything”). “If all you want is a virtual nature walk on weird alien worlds, No Man’s Sky can provide that for you in limitless supply,” he writes. Perhaps unexpectedly, Stapleton praises some of the scripted parts of No Man’s Sky, saying that “landing on an Atlas station or Anomaly for the first time inspired some awe.”

    "Polygon senior editor Phil Kollar sees No Man’s Sky as a survival game, and goes on to criticize its “many ticking timers” for life support and resources as just tense enough to be annoying, saying that small inventory capacity exacerbates this frustration. “In these early hours, I am enjoying the parts of No Man’s Sky that are purely exploration,” he writes. “The problem, then, is that those parts are so constantly interrupted or put on hold for the sake of a survival loop that just isn’t very fun. ****, I’m almost out of carbon, which means I need to wander over to some local plant life and slowly cut it down with my mining tool.”

    "Two days after release, Jim Sterling was comfortable scoring No Man’s Sky as a 5/10, or “Mediocre.” Calling the game “little more than just another crafting and survival experience,” Sterling praises the moments of zen that emerge from wandering alien landscapes, but seems to view No Man’s Sky’s gameplay loop as an obstacle to those experiences. “Once there’s a location to get to, an objective to reach, travel becomes excruciating,” he writes. “Once I need fuel and supplies, the hunting and gathering becomes meddlesome. Once I attempt to continue with the dreary text-based story on offer, the whole thing becomes ironically robbed of any meaningful point.”

    The positives...

    "Writing on Wednesday, Wired’s Matt Kamen shared some of the same criticisms of other reviewers but offered a more positive sentiment. “No Man's Sky is absorbing like few other games ever manage, cultivating a sense of immersion and a drive to progress, despite never giving you any real incentive,” writes Kamen. “What's keeping us hooked on No Man's Sky so far though are its mysteries. Why are worlds seemingly devoid of civilisation, with lonely outposts often the only indication of sentient life? Where do the Sentinels come from – and in an impossibly vast universe, why are they the only constant on every world?”

    Finally, our colleagues at GamesRadar continue to document their experiences in a diary format. Between the anecdotes and details of the weird species Matt Elliott’s encountered, he seems to be having a good time: “It’s been a wonderful journey so far, in the most literal sense of the word. I’ve never played anything quite like No Man’s Sky, but it’s impossible to say yet if it’ll keep me engaged for another 30 hours.”


    Original Poster Editor

    What critics think of No Man's Sky so far

    TL;DR : Is No Man's Sky this generations anticipated gaming marvel, or is it just boredom in a box?

    I'm expecting the same as what became of destiny which is a reason why I won't touch it. Think I'll share play it to see if it is worth buying at some point.

    i'm holding off.

    The PR was all positive but very vague and the play reviews aren't great.

    Reminds me a bit of the frenzy before games like spore and Black and White were released. Similar massive publicity followed by a bit of a 'meh!' reception.

    I bought it myself yesterday, put roughly about 5 hrs into it so far. To start with I was a bit confused on what I was really doing, but after giving it more time I am enjoying myself. Looking forward to the weekend to give it more time. Yes i would say some of it can be repetitive mining stuff making other stuff from said materials. But I am loving the feeling of exploration and seeing what's of the next hill, or getting back into orbit and heading to the next moon/planet or warping to the next star system. when you look at the map you really get the scope of how big this game is, its mind boggling. On the down side i wish it had more online play, meeting up with mates to go and explore the universe or taking on a trade convey would be good. but will have to see what future updates will bring. but for me personally I am really enjoying it and glad I have bought it. hope this helps in some way. :-)

    I am in the same place of confusion. what I want to know is didn't they in the first place advertise it as a multiplayer too ? like space battles and now the CEO of hello games has said it's gonna be only a single player. Do they at least plan to bring it in the future updates? also I have been reading reviews and watching walkthroughs it looks like a very repetitive. does it get interesting when you go further in the game?

    If your undecided have you watched any twitch streaming of the game thats how i would make up my mind

    I can see why there are those concerns but it depends what you enjoy I guess. I've only played about 4/5 hours so far but I'm still going back to the first planet because I want to fully discover it. If you get bored because you have to walk somewhere for a few minutes to get back to your ship or similar things then it isn't for you, but otherwise I'd definitely recommend it. For me it's one of those games that you say "I'll just do that bit" and then carry on playing for another hour. X)

    The points offered in the reviews above I can understand. I have played for around seven hours (admittedly not long) and I must say I already have a few niggles along the same lines - especially with regards to alien interaction. The text - it reminds me a bit of the adventure books I read as a kid so it's cool but I guess I had expected something a bit more polished but thinking about it, it makes sense - you are meant to feel like you are in an old sci fi book. I think with such a long awaited and hyped up game you create expectations and it jars a little when you come across something that isn't quite how you would of liked but, hey, it can't be everything to everyone.

    However, I am still loving it! The feeling of loneliness is well done. I am completely sucked in by the exploration. I am finding it to be a really immersive experience (switching to a headset made a real difference). It's slooooow and that's what I really like about it. I feel like I am very much on a journey and it's all for me.

    I am confident it will keep on evolving into something truly amazing. Nothing is perfect and you can't please everyone but for me, this is an essential game to experience. Buy it Buzz.

    I went digital with cheap psn credit so cost me under £30.
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    5/10 on 2500 user reviews on metacritic, and I think 7/10 for the critics reviews on metacritic. So not looking superb at the moment from an agrigate review point of view

    Original Poster Editor

    Thanks for all your opinions guys, I really do appreciate it.

    As with all games, I guess No Man's Sky is what it is, and the only way to know if it's going to have longevity for me is to play it I'm not really a stranger to mindless grinding (WoW), but I just fear with that being it's only major focus, the fuel will run out fast. I suppose I have to purchase it just to know.

    I guess it's just going to be a physical copy for the time being. Thanks again

    You are always gonna wonder until you play it. I have done about 4 hours so far and got completely hooked. If you like Free Roam then this is God. With huge chunk of mystery thrown in. This might also represent a turning point in game production

    They're also adding base building and the ability to own giant trade freighters in the next update, so that's something awesome to look forward to.

    For me, I don't even know how long I've played so far, but for me its like, yeah you are gonna be repeating some actions over and over, but when you're done or bored of that just move on to something else. For example, I am/was obsessed with learning loads of words, I know nearly 200 for a specific alien race atm and although I'm not bored of it I'm satisfied.

    I've now moved on to scanning all the creatures on the planets I visit and upgrading my suit and ship. Making money when I come across a valuable resource is a plus (_;)

    In the end though, the exploration for me as a whole is just amazing. Another great thing is finding out the history of the alien races by finding plaques and monoliths

    Treat it like a futuristic version of the movie: The Martian, it may help you get into the right mindset, the game is a mile wide but an inch deep.

    I'm in the same situation, only a week or so ago my hype levels were very high, but new wow demon hunter became available (haha) and there is something stopping me from paying the price it's currently going for... The reviews haven't been the greatest and meta was 70/100 & 5/10 which doesn't help.

    Think I'm gonna just wait for a price drop,seems there was/is a lot of misleading info regarding the game and "online" features... Such as actually being able to see other players (despite chances being low) and this turning out to be untrue. Watched plenty of gameplay on twitch and just seems extremely repetitive.
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    I wouldn't buy a game that the Dev clealry lied about "you will be able to meet other players but the chance of that happening is very low as the game is so big" day one two people in the same system can't see eachother yeah no thanks

    £50 for 5GB of game? Hmmm

    Is there any point in naming planets and creatures if no one else is going to find them?


    Is there any point in naming planets and creatures if no one else is … Is there any point in naming planets and creatures if no one else is going to find them?

    With any single player game, you have to question what is the point of anything. You'll either find naming stuff fun or you wont, there doesn't have to be a point.


    With any single player game, you have to question what is the point of … With any single player game, you have to question what is the point of anything. You'll either find naming stuff fun or you wont, there doesn't have to be a point.

    I guess. I just thought it'd be better if you could discover a planet, name it, name everything in it and build stuff on it and then invite your mates over to explore it. Not sure if that's possible as I haven't started the game yet. Will probably start it tonight as I really want to know if I'd like it or not.

    My mate on the other hand is absolutely loving it
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