No memory available for 8 week old Lenovo 110s

Found 21st Jan
Hi group, I bought a Lenovo ideal pad 110s from Currys in November 2017, windows needs to upgrade which requires 8GB of space, the unit has 2.28GB spare, I haven't installed anything but Google Chrome on the Lenovo. What I want to know is can I return the product?
Thanks group, Otto
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I doubt they would accept a return on that basis, I assume thats the 32gb storage model? your not gonna get much on something with such small space, the reviews even mention this. Can't hurt to ask them and try tho.
Yes, 32GB, thanks for the reply...
Android is your friend (I know Android uses much less memory). I don't know if there is any way to load android and remove Windows - perhaps someone with knowledge will be able to advise, please?
It may be an option off you are unable to return it. (The other option is to put it in the microwave for a few seconds and return it as faulty ).
You can use a USB stick to add storage for updates etc. Once installed updates are often much smaller as the old info may be removed
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It sounds like you mean storage rather than memory.

I'd be tempted to try and return it. The 32/64GB models really aren't fit for general use and the manufacturers are only going to get the message one way.

Generally you should always be wary of being the cheapest possible laptops, they've always had big compromises of one sort of another to squeeze out the last little bit of cost.
The 32GB Flash Windows device is about as evil as the 512MB RAM Android device.

To get by in 32GB, you really have to be on top of everything, that means using Disk cleanup and going to "clean up system files" so it can also remove previous update backups etc., then hitting it with CCleaner which delves into some junk that cleanup doesn't touch - and then you've probably got to resign yourself to keeping an SD card installed and using that for Programs and moving apps to
Pretty sure you can install an m.2 drive in there for additional storage for around £60
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