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No menthols

Posted 24th May
So all these new fags are coming out new dual etc they taste nasty and no sign of menthol.

What’s the way round?

Apart from stop smoking, try vaping etc
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Menthol and duals have been banned from sales now
Still selling the leaf wrapped menthols
From what I've seen, Rizla sell a menthol infuser thing that you drop into the packet for an hour or so and it flavours your cigs.

Rizla Menthol Chill Card
Suck on a polo whilst smoking a cigarette.

Seriously though do all you can to quit.
If you have kids, do them a favour and give up.
I hear ya op.

All I smoked was menthol, maybe 20 every 2 weeks. Now I can't, which is annoying as I enjoyed it.

I do vape however and there are some good flavours about, but nothing quite hits like a menthol ciggie on a Friday evening after a long week at work.

Waiting to see what companies offer and read some reviews
Serious question, why is considering stopping not an option? My mum stopped after 50 years of smoking. It took a spell in ICU with pneumonia and 3 days on a ventilator to see the light. I never thought she would do it but managed.
The biggest change she noticed, having money on the bank. A pack a day, she was on 2 packs of Menthol, costs from £3,000 to £3,500 per year?
Genuinely get vaping, so so many people have quit ciggies with vaping, just invest a few quid (about a week of ciggies money) and you will have a good setup and find the right flavour, even the flavour I use has just made a new menthol juice and it smells delicious, you can even lower the nicotine in it over time to get to zero nicotine... I can't imagine smoking ever again
Just read up on the banning of menthols, even as a non smoker it seems petty, if people really wanna smoke they will find ways around it
First 8 words made me chuckle.

and made me think of PS.
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