No middle name on ticket (London to Australia)

Posted 31st Oct
Hey everyone,

Next year I am flying from London to Australia via Singapore, with Singapore airlines.

I've noticed that whilst I entered my middle name during the booking on a 3rd party website, my actual tickets online include my first and last name, not my middle name.

Will this cause any issues because my passport has my first, middle, and last name.

Thanks in advance.

P.S I have spoke with both the airline and the provider and I'm being told mixed information.
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What exactly have the provider and the airline said to you?
It will be fine.
I’ve experienced this before. Had no issues. Could be the airline has your middle name on their system but not written on the e-ticket
Happens to me all the time, wont be an issue.
Agree this happens all the time , not a problem.
I did this before and they combined my middle name with first name as there seems to only have two fields for name. This was with emirates and wasn’t an issue.
Might or might not be a problem.
It is not a problem. Having travelled 12 times in the last 4 yrs, just back from last trip 2 weeks ago I always have the same thing, middle name on passport but not on ticket.
Op needs real problems to be worried about! You will be fine. My middle name is almost nonexistent nowadays
Haha, excellent! By the sounds of it, I should be good. Airline said it should match my passport, booking agent said middle names do not matter.

Thanks everyone for your comments and happy Halloween
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