No More Cashback from John Lewis!

Just read that JL are to stop their relationship with cashback sites, thus they will soon disappear from Quidco.
JL will honor any cashback prior to midnight on Sunday 18th May.
Link on 2nd post.


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Be shame I use JL quite often,and I do like my Quidco.

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I also use them quite a bit, and would hate for anyone thinking of making a BIG purchase with them to lose out on a potential 7% cashback.

Seems a bit of a backward step in an increasingly competitive online retail world.

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Maybe something to do with the appointment of their new MD for the online buisness, but Figleaves never seemed to have a problem. ][COLOR="Blue"]Link[/COLOR]

In the case of treating the customers equally, does that mean there will no longer be any more promotional codes either? Now there's a thought....

I think JL are tightening there belt. They are trialing a limited price match area in Scottish stores. They must loose money on half the TV's they sell matching dodgy companies half the time

:-( We order flowers from john lewis (just did last week!) a few times a year. Looks like I will be looking for somewhere else to order from

I have never had a problem with John Lewis tracking and paying in over 2 years on Quidco until recently when both of my transactions were declined.:?
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