No more Post-Order Price Guarantee policy! :(

If this in the wrong place, mods please move it. Thanks.

I recently made couple of purchases on Amazon, spending around 80 quid in total.
I always check if they don't lower the price within 30 days as they were offering the refunds for the difference.
I emailed CS last night about two of my orders and got this reply:

The discounts we offer for items on our website do vary from time to time. I've checked your order #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and found that we now offer a greater discount on "Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 Webcam" than at the time you placed your order.

Unfortunately, we cannot extend a refund to you for the difference between the original price and the lower price you saw posted on our website.

While we don't always beat the best available price on every product, we do offer deep discounts on many thousands of items. From time to time, prices on some items will change due to special offers from suppliers and manufacturers or our inventory and sales volumes. When we can offer a lower price for new purchases we will, but we cannot extend these discounts to completed orders.

Please note that only orders placed on or before September 1, 2008 were eligible for a price difference refund under the Post-Order Price Guarantee policy. However, we do continue to offer our Pre-order price guarantee.

Did I miss that news around September time or something?


I think this is old news, and not really a deal so should be posted under misc?


I Knew:whistling: But if this helps somebody else, Good post:thumbsup:

Welcome to September 1st 2008 :roll:
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