No more uni :D

    No more uni till september hahahahahaha, 3 exams in may tho

    hell of a long holiday


    sounds good.............enjoy Micoo

    wow what a doss lol

    that is a long break !!! do have a job during the hols ?

    Nice. I've got 3 weeks off*, then back for 2-3 weeks, then finished until the exams.... Then GRADUATION W0000000TttTTtTtTtT!

    * Off on Easter, but spending it all working on my Hugh Jass assignments >.

    nice one hun..... enjoy ur break xx

    Original Poster


    that is a long break !!! do have a job during the hols ?

    hell no :lol: im supposed to be studyin all next month, but tht wont happen lol, my exams are **** easy this sememster

    I've got 3 courseworks left and 3 exams then im finished with uni. 4 weeks and all coursework is done. 7weeks and all uni work is done. Cannot wait


    A break from uni and straight onto placement eh?

    jeez thats a long break, more time for partying,drinking and women I suppose? :-D

    Not worth going, my brother gets 14 weeks for summer, thats just too far!

    Have fun micoo

    heh heh

    wink wink
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