no - not in the night garden more like cloud cuckoo land

    BBC acts over light-skinned doll

    Upsy Daisy as she appears in the show (left) and in doll form (right)
    The doll (right) differs from how Upsy Daisy appears in the show (left)

    The BBC is to replace a doll based on the Upsy Daisy character from CBeebies TV show In the Night Garden following complaints it is too light-skinned.

    A BBC Worldwide spokesman said it had conducted research after getting "a handful" of complaints that the doll had lighter skin than the TV character.

    The BBC would now bring out a version with "a darker skin tone", he said.

    Manufacturer Hasbro has been asked to create a different version that will appear in stores from Easter onwards.

    The BBC Worldwide spokesman denied newspaper reports the doll had been recalled from stores.

    "We are not withdrawing the old doll because most people are happy with it," he told the BBC News website.


    lol, collectors items ahoy

    Oh what next?


    lol, collectors items ahoy

    I'm just going to steal my daughters off her along with a bunny rabbit from Mothercare that sells for a fortune on Ebay!

    Political Correctness Gone Mad! and so on...



    Political Correctness Gone Mad! and so on...

    Free Our Maddy! Bring back Lady Princess Diana The Queen of Our Hearts! Immigrant Swan-Eaters Out!

    Lets see what the ****-O-Tron has to say about this:

    is this what the bbc licence tax gets spent on open your eyes people chavs are trying to control our lives because they are foreign and it s what they do mark my words put them in loony bin

    - ADisgustedReader


    Political Correctness Gone Mad! and so on...


    This was always going to happen, this issue was raised as soon as the toys were released. The concerns were ignored then and funnily enough once again when they released a second wave of new toys (with bed, etc).

    Now am I being cynical to think that it is funny how a revised toy will now be made, just after Christmas, when god knows how many units have just been sold.

    P.S. Rant over - I do think it's a load of tosh too.

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