No paper bills saving on BT line rental

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Found 21st Jun 2007
Don't know if this has been mentioned (apologies if it has) but BT are doing their bit by knocking off 50p, yeah i know whoopdi doo but it all helps, off your line rental if you manage your bill online.

Go green and save!.:)…unt

Pants!, just noticed payment is by direct debt or monthly payment only:x

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Thanks, a good tip for those who didn't know. A few companies do this now, I save a whole pound a month on my broadband by only getting online statements.

Think I may as well do this, especially now as I only have a bill consisting of line rental from them (get free calls through broadband supplier)

Only 50p but, figure may as well be in my pocket as theirs!! :thumbsup:

i work for Bt and they do offer good value for money. BB quite expensive compared to such as carphone warehouse, the they was voted 2nd worst BB provider. BT was best. not an advert for Bt mind as i hate working there.
work in retentions.
if anyone has BBB and is out of 12 month term ring them and tell them its too dear. they will give ya a discount. ask for a free hub and hub phone as sometimes they will give ya one!

Another tip is if you are currently paying for caller display, don't.

My dad was on the phone with them earlier and apparently we have been paying £5 per month (or quater, whatever...) for caller display for months when we shouldn't have had to because it's now free for new customers :x

Yet another case of a company ripping off it's existing customers, I wonder how many people are paying that when they don't have to?

i noticed the new £4.50 payment processing fee on my bill today. what a cheek!
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