No Phone Line - How to get access to one.


    I have just moved house and really need some advice.

    My job requires me to download my PDA each night via the phone line. However there is no phone line and the quickest BT, Talk Talk or virgin could get out is the 18th Jan!! The PDS is a very ancient decive to be honest and sits on a docking station that i need to plug into a tel line. It dials a free phone 0800 number and takes about 20 mins to download all the data each night.

    So i need to get access to a tel line between 4th jan - 18th. As i have just moved down i dont have any friend or family nearby.

    does anyone have any suggestions? Its really been bothering me.

    Kind Regards.



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    Not a lot you can do until your line goes live. Use a neighbours phoneline if you explain situation?

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    Is there anything like this available in the uk?…asp
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