No Product In Box - Did You Get A Refund ???

Found 2nd Feb 2010
Hi Just opened my Buffalo Wireless Router Box bought in Morrisons on Saturday for £15.
Bargain deal I thought until I discovered there was no router in the box !!!
On the phone Morrisons say they will give me a refund as there are no more routers available.
The reason I am mentioning this is because this happened to my partner at xmas she bought Modern Warfare 2 for her son for £40 (rip-off) only to find xmas day no disc inside, as the local tesco staff on refunds are a nightmare when returning goods - we took it to the large tesco extra 20 miles away to ask for the refund - where we had no problems.

But what I want to know is how many others are opening their purchases only to find the contents missing and how were you treated when you asked for a refund.
Personally I dont think I will leave a store again without opening the box !!!
Also did anyone ask for vouchers etc to cover petrol costs of returning the goods.

C'mon Share your pain !!!!!!!!!
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my brother once bit into a scotch egg to find no egg....does this count????

apart from that, I ordered some of the soap and glory hat boxes from boots a few weeks ago to find 2 boxes had one item missing.....was refunded 2000 points so more than enough to buy the products to complete the box
I got my son a 3 disk dvd set at xmas. There was only 1 film in it (and i did check to see if all the films were on one disk). Still waiting for a replacement
I ordered my missus a BBC Live Lounge CD for Christmas from HMV. Left it in the box until Xmas eve to wrap it up. Opened it, out popped a Take That DVD. Strange.
my farther in-law bought a camera from currys last year and when he got home and opened the box there was no camera inside. strange thing was the security seel was still intact. so he phoned them up and they said thats ok come back down and we will sort it for you this type of thing happens all the time.
I got a DS game a few years ago from, but the box was empty. Contacted and they said I had to contact the people who made the game, it was nothing to do with them. Obviously they said it was play.coms responsibility.
i bought one of thoise thermal mugs in mid Noveember to give as a christmas gift. But i only opened in late December before wrapping and realised there was nothing in there. Didnt do anything about it, as i lost my reciept and it was so long after.

My own fault i guess, i should have checked.
Hi just back from Morrisons with my £15 refund plus a £5 voucher to use anytime instore to compensate for the cost of petrol running back & fore so good on Morrisons.

I think the router was half-inched instore as the box had a tear in the lid and the security tag was stuck to the outside of the box so a thief could get the router thro the security sensors at the front door - but the leads etc were left in the box.

The manager was ok - fair play - but perhaps that had something to do with the fact that it was the second box returned in a day with the router missing !!!

still Morrisons customer service beats my local Tesco hands-down as they treat you with disdain if you take anything back - they even want their tesco clubcard points back if you get a refund - thats a lovely way to be treated considering you have to use your time, your effort and usually your petrol to take things back.

Everytime this happens in future I will make sure I ask for some vouchers for petrol costs - never hurts to ask !! - if they value your custom.

ps Tesco are going to get some stick off me re. their customer services @ my local store.
if you have a beef with them its your store number ie.

Tesco has never heard of "the customer is always right" !!! - well not my local anyway !!!!
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