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Posted 26th Oct 2010
I have a friend coming over to UK to study, and he does not have a proof of address obviously.
The banks I checked won't accept letter from his college. Is there any ways to open a bank account with no fee?
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Yes, Try EASYCASH with Halifax or Bank of Scotland

You will still need the proof of address tho, can be either tenancy agreement, or council tax bill (he will still have it although it is free
Should the council tax bill be in his name?
He wont have a council tax bill if he's a student will he?
Hmmmm....wasn't it you that was looking for ways to 'alter' your credit check a week or so ago? I'm starting to wonder about your questions.;)

Friends of mine that are students had no problems getting bank accounts with Barclays and HSBC, had to have proof of study, proof of home address and proof of term time address. Surely your friend will have bills/ letters at his address soon and so should be ok if they wait a few weeks.
thats an interesting question. your right, banks will not open without proof of address
bank of west africa accepts all I had an email telling me i had $1,500,000 deposited fo me so seems a great deal already
get a prepay mastercard at least that way you can transfer over the Ugandan Dollars with ease
You should be able to go into your bank with your close friend or relative to vouch that you are at that UK address and from there at least get a basic bank account.

Also registering on electoral roll will help (EU Citizens can vote in local elections)
Anyone Vouching for him will have to bank at the same bank and fill out a form. That's the easiest way. Most would take a letter headed college letter confirming address.
yes, ask your frend to apply for provisional driving license which will cost him some money and time but it will be useful every where as a proof of address. and later on if he wants he can apply for theorytest and driving test to get permanent licence.
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