absolutely disgusted with rakuten! placed an order 8th Dec for next day delivery and still waitinf for delivery! called them numerous times and they just don't seem to give a crap and play dumb. apparently they don't offer next day delivery, which I explained to the manager that they do and I also sent him an email with proof, as he told me to. he was adamant that they don't do it, my email shut him up as now he's dissapeared for the past 4 days and hasn't bothered calling me back as he did say he would

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    i stopped using them over a year ago, rubbish company with poor customer service

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    Alun the so called manager from rakuten! is there any way of reporting these clowns?!

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    they took money out of my account the next day. funny how they are quick to take the money but don't deliver their goods!

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    17 mins and counting now that I'm waiting to get through to some idiot that works there


    I'm having the same problem with 'The Games Centre' .... just had to escalate to a claim in paypal.


    17 mins and counting now that I'm waiting to get through to some idiot … 17 mins and counting now that I'm waiting to get through to some idiot that works there

    Have they dispatched the item? If so then the courier has probably lost it, which however annoying does happen and is more common at this time of year with the increased demand.

    They should be able to tell you what service they used to dispatch the item, which may help track it down but realistically it will probably not be anything but a standard service. The truth of the matter is that delivery companies will only consider an item lost after 15 days and Rakuten won't want to do anything until that point. If it's a low value item they may just send out another one and ignore the chance of the first arriving or that you're scamming them.

    soon as they stopped being "play" and lost the overseas vat loophole is when I stopped using them.....about the same time I set offshore bank account ;0)

    Good luck with them and really hope you get your stuff before Xmas.....

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    it was a playstation plus, yearly description, a present for someone. which is y I'm disappointed that it still hasn't come. j was told that if it doesn't come by Monday, then call them and I'll get a refund or a replacement. I won't be opting for the latter

    I thought Rakuten was just a marketplace for other sellers to advertise on? Problem seller on there is youwantitwegotit. Everything goes 'missing' in the post!

    Ordered something on there size XL. They sent me a small, but they were not interested and I got ignored when I asked for an exchange or refund.

    A friend ordered a tv which arrived damaged, and he was fobbed off. He managed to get the email email of the guy who runs the company and it got swiftly sorted out.

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    defo sounds like an amateur company! well it was my first n last time I order from them

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    still hasn't turned up :-0

    I ordered from a seller on Rakuten on the 16th and Rakuten apparently ask sellers to try and send the goods out with a couple of days but mine was only dispatched a few hours ago so I really don't know if it will be here in time for Christmas. It's so annoying when you need the items for Christmas presents.

    I have also emailed the seller twice with no reply so far.

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    well I ordered through rakuten and the merchant is shopto. on the shopto website, it states order before 5pm for next day delivery. I should of got my order 9th Dec. After numerous calls to rakuten and shopto, shopto claim that they don't offer next day delivery but it's clearly on their website. seriously, r they stupid. rakuten and shopto just kept blaming each other. my order got dispatched 10th Dec and last night the status changed to "complete". I read up and " complete/dispatched" means that the goods have been passed on to whoever will deliver the goods, for eg, royal mail. all I know is that I'm going to get a refund and never purchase from shopto/rakuten ever again

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    getting a refund on this. may as well delete my rakuten account now as well
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