No sound from laptop

    Hi i bought my daughter a second hand laptop but it has no sound, unsure how to get sound on it tired google but seems to only want to show driver detective which costs and I am unsure how safe.

    Is there anything anyone can recomend.

    I was going to restore it from recovery disc but it wants a password.


    sometimes if my laptop turns off from either over heating or low power...i lose sound
    i have to go into control pan..sound..erm levels tab..and then unmute it in there

    Can you advise if there has ever been sound from the laptop since you got it.

    Laptops usually have buttons/keys for turning the sound up & down, so as well as checking in Control Panel that the sound is enabled, as akme suggests, also check to see if it needs turning up via the buttons/keys as well.

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    No there was no sound on it............i didn't buy it, it was the mother in law, i would have checked it for that. ;-)

    Tried control panel already nothing in there.

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    also tried the usual buttons etc still nothing, I think the sound driver is missing. ;-(

    When you say "Tried control panel already nothing in there" do you mean that you couldn't find the volume control in Control Panel (it's under 'Sounds & Audio Devices'), or that you found the volume control but it didn't resolve anything?

    you should have a speaker icon bottom right of your desktop click on this once to raise volume as it just may have been muted

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    Yeah didn't resolve it.....under audio device it says "no audio device"

    what os is it? XP, vista...?

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    xp home. ;-)


    xp home. ;-)

    right click on "My Computer" click "Manage" click "Device Manager"
    then click "Sound, Video and game controlers" are there any yellow "!"'s or "?"'s next to any of the names listed?

    Neat tip for the future - saying "my laptop", or "my anything" for that matter, is meaningless to everybody but yourself, since although you know exactly what you're looking at, none of us do, so none of us can give you any help specific to your laptop. The "no audio device" message usually means that you don't have the drivers for your soundcard installed, which is something that can be fixed easily enough by downloading the right drivers. To do that though, we need to know the make and model of the laptop. So, tell us what it is, and someone'll give you a URL for the drivers, and hopefully that'll sort things out for you.

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    There are 3 with yellow ? and ! next to them

    Ethernet controller
    Multimedia audio controller
    Video controller ( VGA Compatable )

    Tried to update the driver for audio but req a disc, which i dont have.


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    samsung p29



    There are 3 with yellow ? and ! next to themEthernet controllerMultimedia … There are 3 with yellow ? and ! next to themEthernet controllerMultimedia audio controllerVideo controller ( VGA Compatable )Tried to update the driver for audio but req a disc, which i dont have.Ant

    Ok, so you need to pop along to the laptops manafaturing website.. or w/e and search for the Drivers.
    download and install them.

    Prob be best to download all 3. good luck!

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    :thumbsup:cheers for that.............Nice 1 all works.

    well happy ;-)

    djnaff;3991866 -sound driver video driver Driver

    Providing that he has a samsug Lappy

    [COLOR="Red"]Nevermind, didnt see this post :oops:[/COLOR]


    samsung p29 ;-)

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    Tanchi............cheers for that all sorted.

    Well happy


    Now, how long before you tell your daughter to turn the volume down? lol!
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