No-Spend offers from Quidco

this may have been posted before BUT is still good for people to know so please dont delete and this ISNT ACCURATE, SOME MAY NOT BE OFFERS AND SOME MAY NOT BE THE COORECT MONEY, BUT SOME STILL WORK.

Pocado £3.00 free sign up
UKdating £2.50 free sign up
National Lottery £4.00 purchase ticket
SpeedDaterOnline £0.50 free sign up
DatingDirect £5.00 sign up
HLX £0.20 newsletter sign up
STA travel £0.15 newsletter sign up
Love and Friends £1.00 free membership
Game Village £0.50 registration
Cinema Paridiso £1.00 trial sign up
2minutedraw £0.42 completing a survey
Mills & Boon £1.00 free book offer
Audible £4.00 trial sign up
Planet49 £0.35 registration
MBNA £8.50 submitted application
Computeach £5.00 course enquiry
Getmeaquiz £0.65 registering
Get me a ticket £0.65 free sign up
Synovate £3.00 free registration
KLM £0.15 newsletter
Morgans Auctions £2.00 free sign up
Microsoft Office Live 5.00 free sign up
Brochures4me 0.35 brochure request
Etribes 0.40 free account
Instant!!!!!!! £0.56 free sign up
Fair Exchange 1.00 free registration
MyMovieStream £5.00 free trial
QXL £0.50 free sign up
Consumer Lifestyles £1.00 for each survey completed
T-mobile sim £0.50 for requesting free simcard
!!!!!!! £0.05 for free registration
Compare the market £1.20/£2 for free car or van quote
Emusic £4.00 Free trial
Experian Credit £6.00 for free credit report
My Offers £1.80 for registration
Test and Vote £1.15 for free sign up
Dennis Publishing £4.00 for trial sign up
Great UK Surveys £0.67 free registration Never tracked
Opinionistic £0.20 for sign up
Kinglotto £0.85 for free sign up
Lands End £0.25 for newsletter sign up
Prevloved £0.10 for each advert placed
Just Rewards £1.80 for survey
Baileys Millions £0.42 for registering details
02 free sim £0.35 for requesting free sim
WHsmith £4.00 free dvd trial
Alliance and Leicester £50.00 for current account
Whiskas campaign £1.45 for requesting free kitty pack £4.00 taking up dvd rental trial
Mobyko £1.10 free sign up
Hillarys Blinds £20.00
Plum Offers £0.80
Urfreecd £0.60
Zubka £0.50
Mazuma Mobile £1.50
Sheriff Directories £0.60

Kelkoo £0.02
Coke zone 45p registration
The High Street Web £0.04 for a search


I'm sure I've seen a thread like this before, but I can't find it anywhere.

And ]the High Street web 4p per search once you click through, and you can do up 2 searches and click through to a merchant each day
what the heck voted Hot!

Great list there mate heat and rep and another one to add
Coke zone 45p registration.

Kelkoo is 10p if you search SEXY BOOTS :-D

Moved to misc, we generally do not allow sole cashback offers as deals.


I'm sure I've seen a thread like this before, but I can't find it … I'm sure I've seen a thread like this before, but I can't find it anywhere.

There's a long thread of quidco no spend offers at mse:…265


Nice Post Rep added

I think julia did one like this before?

Can you please explain how I use Quidco on some of the things in the list when they are not on the Quidco site?

I have tried to search for them but it comes up with nothing, therefore not sure how to get them to track to Quidco

Computeach £5.00 nolonger on quidco
Pocado £3.00 free sign up nolonger on quidco

Nice post though

you are my hero, I love the no spenders on quidco!

did u just copy and paste this from MSE? if sho u should have quoted the person who made the list for their efforts


I think julia did one like this before?

Thanks for remembering, I did start a thread with this sort of advice on :thumbsup:

Just rewards won't accept my e-mail address!
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