no stellar laptop deals lately, which one of these?

Found 4th Jun 2017
Been waiting on a stellar laptop deal, and keep telling myself I'll get the next brilliant deal, butone never seems to come. So which one of these would people go for?

1060 laptop for £1029

1070 laptop for £1299

980 laptop for £999

1060 laptop for 1139…tml

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1070 - You don't want to scrimp on the GPU if you can help it.…%3A!340832031%2Cn%3A429886031&qid=1496608340&bbn=3581866031&sort=price-desc-rank

- Keep your eyes open here.... Spotted a Titan SLI (1080 *2) go for £1800 when Amazon did their 20% off Warehouse
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Dell outlet has higher spec Alienware. Keep an eye put for the discount vouchers

Just got the Dell Inspiron 13 i5 8gig 256 ssd from VERY over bank holiday for £ it's going for £600. Epic machine for the price. PCW and JL have it also
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