No such thing as a free weekend? Timeshare offer

Found 27th Oct 2010
We've been given a "free" weekend break at a lovely resort in the UK.

We just need to attend a 1 and half hour presentation.

Now I'm not niaive - despite not being able to spell it - and expect a hard sell.

To be honest I am quite looking forward to seeing the sales tactics, a bit masochistic,I realise, but should be interesting.

Anyone ever attend one of these and what tactics did they use to sell and you use to not buy?
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Various tactics used - where are you going and with whom (company)?
Id love to see how theyd go about trying to sell it to me
please watch watchdog from last Thursday, has loads to say about these Timeshare offers (buying them off you).
we went to a presentation because I really wanted to see inside the old private mansion it was being held in. There were a dozen or so small tables with one sales rep per couple and coffee. We watched a video then the hard sell started. I cut that short by when he asked how much we spend on our annual holidays I said "about £100, we go camping" so the rep asked if we'd like our free holiday voucher there and then and an early escape. Looked at the voucher outside, there was so much stupid small print I put it in the bin there and then. Eg massive admin fee, totally random short notice dates. We can actually go at short notice but it wasn't worth it, could get better deals on here.
Saw Watchdog - no intention of buying, so no problem reselling - hopefully!
I have a friend who works in this industry. Your "free weekend" or sometimes its a free "week abroad" will never happen. You need to choose three dates................and these dates are normally not suitable................

Forget it
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chalkysoil - love it! thanks
p.s when at this presentation if you tell them u dont own your home i.e council accommodation, u will get your voucher super quick and shown the door.............but as I said earlier, the dates u choose will never happen
In my related, second hand, experience, it is amazingly variable.
For stuff that is on the continent, we have, once in a while, looked at some possibilities.

TBH I think that they are desperate to sell atm so if you aren't terribly inconvenienced, you could tootle along if you are interested. Otherwise, it's a complete waste of time.

BTW for foreign thingies, I know of a number of people who have had totally free w/e's - not me though!!
I don't actually have any problem with the idea of timeshare per se.

I have a couple of friends who have them and think they are wonderful.

One is a pilot who gets very good deals on the airfare for his family.

The others live in the USA and use accomodation over there which seem to be vastly superior to the European equivelants.

We'll go along open minded but closed walleted.
Tell them that you are a declared bankrupt, they will soon let you go home.(_;)

Tell them that you are a declared bankrupt, they will soon let you go … Tell them that you are a declared bankrupt, they will soon let you go home.(_;)

Ah lol
I will probably be the only one on here that will be supporting timeshare. The free weekends are ok and - they are 'free' I have been - even though I own a timeshare. I have owned for 15 years and can honestly say it is the best purchase I ever made. I get to stay in 5* and up luxury that I would never be able to afford not only that I only own 1 week but I have access to the system because of that one week ownership and my friend and family have benefited greatly from it, I am allowed 12 gettaways a year and for instance I went to Spain last year a last minute flight and stayed in the most beautiful apartment on the beach for £49 for the week - it was two bedroom too but I mostly opt for Marriotts, Sheratons and Hiltons - I love timeshare and would never sell it.
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