No thumbnail pictures in ebay search...please advise

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Found 30th Dec 2009
anyone help? Its just started happening, but when I do a search on ebay, the listings come up, but the thumbnail pictures on the left of the description do not show at all unless I click the listing and the pics show up on the full page. But when I go back to the listings page, no pics at all. I have it on list view, but tried the Gallery view, but nothing. The advertisers pics are on the page around the sides, but not the actual ebay pics....stumped as I have used ebay for years and its the first time its happened. I use a MAC OX Leapord and Firefox. Someone help!!

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Hmm sounds like you have clicked on an option to hide item pictures or somthing..
Try deleting your cookies and restarting your browser..

in the mean time ill see if I can find a setting or somthing that will make them re-appear (if they dont come back)

- Grrr I cant find any settings.. only thing I can surgest is to check the advance search options

they have prob chose not to use gallery, so pics won't show till click on listing

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they have prob chose not to use gallery, so pics won't show till click on … they have prob chose not to use gallery, so pics won't show till click on listing

Yes I choose list view as I have for the last 7 years, but still not showing until one or two pics come on after a few mins.

I have the exact same problem! Did you get yours working? I can view all pictures except thumbnails! I have windows XP. Please Help!!

I saw something about technical difficulties in the announcement bit earlier today on my homepage. I didn't read it though. Have a look on your page to see if it's there, may explain something. I will go take a look at mine.

Found it - 18 November, 2011 | 09:29AM GMT


Some images may be loading slowly on the View Item Page and some gallery images are taking longer than normal to appear in search results. Images may also upload slowly in the Sell Your Item form. If the image does not upload on the first attempt please try again. We are aware of this issue and working to resolve this as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

The eBay Team

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