No wins yet

    Look how long I have been a member and yet no wins of vouchers for me yet :-(



    ^^^^ lmao

    No wins for me ither, :w00t:




    me neither

    Nothing for me either.
    But I think that more regular members are getting wins as the comp continues, I'd rather they won than the low posters (dare I say multiple accounts?) who are obviously posting pointless messages all over the site to bump up their posts so they can do the comp.

    I won a £25 voucher on my first attempt...sorry to rub it in!

    nothing yet

    just this second won £5

    I got £2.50, better than nothing I guess, how much longer do the scratch cards run for?

    wooo just won £2.50. May cancel my FM10 pre order and use it with this.

    Actually im far too lazy to do that.

    A winner is not me.
    But that's the way of it - random.

    Or maybe its already preplanned who is going to win....and there is a particular phrasing that may not be just random guff:

    Time to reward those of you who have helped make our site what it is, so … Time to reward those of you who have helped make our site what it is, so who's ready to test their luck and play the Hotukdeals Scratchcard?

    *Coughs* and if you believe that load of guff, you will believe anything Still no win for me either.

    same here no win yet,
    Sorry, no luck this time. Try again later:cry:

    nothing still for me :-(

    srsly too many threads like these
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