no wonder boffer is c*ap

    just received this email HOW INCOMPETENT
    Thank you for placing a recent order with Boffer. Unfortunately on completion of a stock check in our warehouse we realise that one of the items on your order has gone out of stock. We have been trying to source another one from our supplier but they are unable to get any more of the Elonex Webbook (Windows XP). On closer investigation it appears that the number of stock we had available originally was incorrectly indicated to us from the main supplier warehouse and as such we oversold on this item. Your order has been cancelled and a refund has been requested. This should show back in your account in the next 48 hours. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.



    Why???????????? could have been several people on line at the same time looking for same product,orders placed just before yours. so their may be more like you .

    It happens with online booked its a sad fact of life

    Its is C*** Thou

    Just a stock error, at least they let you know and refunded without you having to chase it up, I can think of several companies who wouldn't bother

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    not been refunded yet still waiting and still wont be buying from them again


    not been refunded yet still waiting and still wont be buying from them … not been refunded yet still waiting and still wont be buying from them again

    I won't be buying from them again either. It's a weird thing, but they just won't accept my username and password, even after I copy & paste them from the login details request email. Maybe it's because I haven't used the account since the first week, and they've changed their systems about since then. Still, whatever. The fact that they store passwords in plain text doesn't give me great confidence in their security, so I think my credit card details are better not being a part of their database.

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    i agree i still havent been refunded and its a little over the 48 hours so i opened another ticket now going to remove card details from account but not sure if that will affect my refund

    the website has garbage 99% of the time.

    Anybody received there free boffer T-shirt yet? I placed an order on the last sell-off which arrived today, the t-shirt is ok but the bear on the front looks like pedo bear!

    The only thing i ever bought was out of stock

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    had an email saying refund had been successful but its not in my bank how long does it take

    "DONT BOTHER WITH BOFFER" :whistling:

    They had an offer on a few weeks aho for a free sim card reader, with free delivery to twitter subscribers...

    Its now 9 days since they said they posted my free item, but it has not come, something tells me that they have not even bothered to send it... I can hardly complain and ask for refund can I???

    The last item before this I bought of them was listed as brand new, but when it came it was re-sealed in red tape and had another name and reference number on the box, as if it had been returned from someone....

    I started to have my doubts there and then as they seem to sell items as new which are actually refurbs, but thought i would chance my luck with a free item.... need'nt have bothered...

    will never ever buy from them again... 99% of the stuff they sell is crap that they can not sell anywhere else anyway...
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