No Xbox Live subscription, 17 Xbox 360 games, I need inspiration!!!!

I've got 17 Xbox 360 games, No Xbox Live subscription, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and I'm wearing sunglasses..................

Basically I haven't renewed my Xbox Live Account. Thinking about it, apart from playing COD and GOW2 online, I don't think I've bothered to play any single player games in ages. While I haven't got the sub, this is the time to be inspired to actually play some of these games!

I've currently got: -
Assassins Creed
Bad Company
COD 2 + 4
Dead Rising
Far Cry 2
Forza 2
GOW 1+2
Guitar Hero 2
Halo 3
Scene it?
The Orange Box
Viva Pinata

Any help much appreciated!
Maybe ask me what I've played up to on specific games and help renew interest to continue playing


If you're not wanting to play COD or GOW single player - try Halo 3 or GTA IV......or sell the ones you aren't going to play and renew your Live....

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I didn't complete GOW and only done a couple of levels on COD2. I completed COD4 + GOW2 (excellent game!). Funnily enough, I haven't completed Halo 3 yet, and actually got bored with GTA IV after about 30 mins or so.

If you haven't done so definitely play through the whole orange box (half life 2, episode 1, 2 and portal) - absolutely great games

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I actually didn't get into them games either. Maybe because I never played on the PC. I did try portal again acouple of months ago, I got past a level I hadn't a clue how to complete. Ended up getting stuck again though ....... I started on one of the others, found it quite boring. Which one should I try? I found TF2 was lagging like it was 1980....

Just start with standard half life 2. Give it a while before you judge it as it might start off very slightly slow but is still excellent.

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Is it the 1 where you go into some kinda sewer system and run throught it for ages (now and again popping up to shoot some bad guys or flying robots)?

Portal and Half Life 2. Two games that you must play and finish. Really.
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