Nobody be like me...

    member of this site for just under 2 years...and i have just reached 1000 happy...but ashamed of myself for the time its taken :)...p.s about 990 where to hannah


    Look at my feeble tally and I've been here since October 2006!! But saying that, I can't see how people are racking up 20,000+ posts in a couple of years. Maybe there's a secret code you can put in that adds a couple of thousand on we don't know of. Or they must eat, sleep, Sh*t and have s*x while posting!! On saying that, with some of the post you read, I can believe it.:thumbsup:

    Aww hun, I'z like ya......I congratulated ya:-D........everyone else is in bed lol Where I should be......Night nigh hun ;-) x x

    Concgrats and i still did not get my email

    lol, i'm nearly there too - but i've been a member since 2006! :oops:

    Congrats to me!!!!!


    Congrats to me!!!!!

    well done U :thumbsup:


    Congrats to me!!!!!



    1000 post party!!
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