Nod32 or Kasperksy - Which is better for novice user?

    Hey, after much research I've finally whittled antivirus choice down to either Nod32 or Kasperksy.

    So, my question is, I just want to install one that will keep me virus free and work away in the background without bugging me too much. I'm very much a novice in dealing with antivirus and firewalls, etcc.... so I want one that has a simple GUI

    I've downloaded the trial for nod32 and I like it's simplicity, but I've read Kaspersky has a much higher detection rate.

    so in your opinion, which is better for me?



    I know its not in the choices but ...... AVG :thumbsup:

    NOD32 is brilliant.. much better than norton,avg,kasp and trends micro etc... I have tried them all of the past 3 years and the only one to perform with less resources and catch every single viri was nod32... I highly recommend it. When I first installed nod32 and uninstalled norton it immediately found viri norton had missed..

    on the 'but I've read Kaspersky has a much higher detection rate'.. --> I dont believe this is true at all.

    nod32 :thumbsup:
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