Noise Cancelling Earphones?

    I'm on the search for a pair of noise cancelling earphones - anyone know where I can get a good, reasonably priced pair?


    I saw a really cool video of how to make your own.

    ]CLICK ME!

    I got some panasonic ones a while ago on here for £6 using a voucher but to be honest they wernt amazing and i dont really use them anymore, i guess you need to pay a bit to get some nice ones

    Or you could just get some headphones with decent isolation. As far as I know, 'noise-cancelling' only actually cuts out continuous and relatively unchanging low frequencies (such as aeroplane engine rumble).

    You could start by looking at some of the links I posted in ]this thread. You'll be looking for sealed, closed-back headphones. There's plenty of great models to choose

    edit: In fact, the above video pretty much shows you how to create isolating headphones out of regular headphones. However, you're likely to get much better acoustics and bass-response if the enclosures are manufactured specifically for the purpose.

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    Could anyone help me find a reasonably priced pair of Ultimate Ears 2 earphones?
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