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Found 5th Mar 2007
Looking for noise cancelling headphones for parents. Initial thoughts that only BOSS and Senheiser makes noise cancelling headphones but later found out many other manufacturers make them too.

Any recommendations and with good price / offer?



I think you mean BOSE - and they are probably the best you can possibly get.

Just be aware that noise cancelling (even with BOSE) only eliminates approx. 2/3 of the noise so they're not perfect. If you want a much cheaper option, go for the in-ear-canal headphones as they block out a lot of external noise.

As for actually answering your question, I'm afraid I don't know of any cheap noise cancelling headphones, but be wary as it's still relatively expensive technology so cheaper products may be poor quality.

Try Altec Lansing AHP712. I tried many noise cancelling headphones but these are the only ones that worked for me.

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Markwills, Yeah i'm aware of the high price tag. but it's for my parents who complained about the noise while travelling long disctance in the plane. Initially i was thinking of those philips in-ear type as they appears to be cheaper.

Kommunist, do you know if there's any deal around for the Altec Lansing?

Scan is selling these for 27 quid + delivery. Or if you are flying somewhere, then try Dixons Tax Free - they sell it for 25.51

Richer Sounds sell a pair from Maxell for £19.95

There's a Richer Sounds in most big cities and whilst shopping there can sometimes be chaotic staff are excellent and know the products.


Whilst travelling home on the tube, and reading the free paper that someone left on the seat, I noticed the following ad and ripped it out as I thought it might be of interest to you.

Creative HN-700 noise cancelling headphones
Try these if you don't like the feel of in-ear headphones. They use active noise cancelling technology to filter background sounds, and fold for easy storage.
Available from Creative (uk.europe.creative.com or 0800 376 7954)
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