Noisy computer.

Found 16th Mar 2009
I Recently bought a second hand Computer for my daughter to use. Only trouble with it, is that it is noisy! What can I change to make it a little more quiet. I'm thinking the cooling fan but would like a recomendation from someone that knows a bit more about these things!
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Take the side off, listen which fan is noisy, it will probarbly be either the CPU fan which will be facing you or the fan in the power supply (the silver box).
Depending which it is, buy another heatsync and fan (if CPU is the problem), or replace the power supply.
You will need to know which type of CPU (and the format eg socket A or socket 462 etc) to enable you to buy the correct part.
Forget trying to get the current one to quieten down as its porobarbly worn out.
What's the brand of PC?

And please god, i hope it's not an Elonex? There is a setting in the BIOS you could try before you change the CPU fan though. Change the voltage down a notch and see if that helps.

You can normally get into the BIOS using F10 or F2 as the PC is starting up, depends what model PC it is.

hope this helps some
Provided that you wish to regard spending as the last resort you can do the following first:

1. Improve the airflow inside the PC (including the heatsink or the fan) by cleaning it using brush or a vacuum

2. See if fan speed control software such as speedfan can work with your machine.

If none of the above worked satisfactorily you can buy an automatic fanspeed control e.g. from or a new fan.
oh yes, the BIOS setting should not be overlooked. Although it would mean lower processing speed
Thanks, Very gratefull for all of your suggestions! When I've got time I'm going to give them a go and see what happens!
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