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Found 8th Apr
I have a HP G5 250, which has a 128GB SSD and an i3 cpu.

The fan has always been noisy since day 1, but even web browsing makes it ramp up. I thought low processes meant the laptop would be near silent?
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Hold ctrl alt delete check taskbar for anything unusual try a virus scan too
Eas it a refurbished laptop? Try replying the fan unit.
No it was brand new.

I just did a factory reset too which didn't cure it.
HP are notorious for loud and noisy fans. Nearly all HP I've worked on have been very noisy. Think they have poor fan heatsink design?
Your running an i3 processor, they always work a little hard anyway so you would hear a fair bit of fan noise but if it’s excessive try checking you have all the right mobo drivers and everything installed correctly.
How old is it and how much use had it had? If you use it on your lap it can suck up dust and fibres which will add weight to the blades and make it work harder. It could also throw it out of balance making it vibrate. The quick treatment for that is to disconnect battery and using a vacuum cleaner stuck excess dust off. You can do a deep clean by removing the bottom and cleaning with buddies and alcohol (but careful not to drop onto any components and allow it to dry before reconnecting and using).
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