nokia 1208 (cant remove back)

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Found 17th Nov 2009
i cant get the back off now i have scrached all the back trying with knife! please help before i stamp on the blooby fone, says slide it but it just and budging.. please help!!!!!!!!!!

got it off now, only to find no batterie inside or in box got from pre paymaina any one else had problems.


i got a couple from there for the young kids and had the same problem. I just digged my nails by the side and pulled it and it clipped off.

As i got rid of the phones, i cant give better instructions - but it is possible to remove!

Best thing to get phone backs off without damaging them is something rubber to get a good grip on it,

I've had phones used to take me a few hours trying to persuade the back off,drove me mad,

I bought a non-slip dashboard mat,was really cheap from tesco's,does the job brill,just hold in on the back of the phone and 1 little push and cover's off in an instant :-D
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