nokia 1600

looking for the NOKIA 1600 PAYG
cheapest i can find is £24.99 including £10 credit from the link, means going to a different network though,
any thoughts :?


What network did you want?

You should be able to unlock it yourself.

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You should be able to unlock it yourself.

unfortunatly i can not find a way of unlocking this phone, tried the usual sites but they either don't show the phone or don't have the EasyMobile network listed, would it be worth transferring my number to this network from orange, don't know where EasyMobile transmitters are but the orange one is 150m from my hose, good reception on both signals though.
help :? xxxxxx

go to those corner type mobile shops. they should be able to unlock it for £6/£10..no point in buying sumting that you cannot use.or ask the link if they have one with your preferd network..u have nothing to lose. gud luk

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same phone but costs an extra £15 to get it on orange and dont get the £10 credit on phone, so this was a good deal for the phone i wanted. will get it unlocked at local shop,
thanks x

I'd look on ebay. Search for unlock 1600 and four results appear. The canadian listing appears able to unlock your phone.

Nokia 1600 PAYG is just £9.99 (when bought with £30 air time)

Where: EasyMobile.Com


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I got mine on easy mobile and managed to have it unlocked, the unlock had to be done as a vodaphone or t.mobile lock though as there wasn't a way of unlocking with easymobile at all.
thanks thoug. x
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