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    Ignore this unless you have a fantastic price :-) I can get it for £40 in the shops but if anyone has one cheaper, I'd be very pleased. Just in a little rush and need it tomorrow ;-)

    Seems it does have vibrate function after all - no mention of vibrate on the site when I looked at its features. Maybe something that's taken for granted nowadays!

    Check out some of the offers on the Virgin Mobile store. Some of those handsets are pretty cheap. At £40 you actually have a lot of choice in handsets these days. Also I think easyMobile shop will get you £15 back on a handset there from Quidco.

    Dio, the best offer is from if you go through Quidco (Phone cost is £9.99 +£30 air time)

    The same offer is also available at the The Link but the cashback is only £5

    There's also a v3 for under £40 right now in the Hot Deals section but you'd have to act fast!

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    In a local independent phone shop I picked up a 3120 for £35 after a little bargaining so I'm happy with that and so will be the recipient. Thanks for all the advice.

    I'm now looking for a cheap triband to use in West Africa...

    Any thoughts welcome - I'm going to try the v3 and see where we get to ;-)
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