Nokia 1600 Question

    If someone has a Nokia 1600 can they receive MMS Picture Messages?

    Has colour screen and stuff so Im thinking it will.



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    From Mobile Phone Reviews UK col

    Features of the Nokia 1600 include:

    * Display: 65,536 colours, 96 x 68 pixels
    * Simplified menu and navigation
    * 20-voice polyphonic ringtones with MP3 grade sound
    * Integrated handsfree speaker
    * Messaging: SMS, picture messaging, instant messaging
    * Wallpaper, themes and animated screensavers
    * Icon-based phone book (200 entries)
    * Speaking alarm/clock
    * 3 games
    * Memory: up to 60 text messages
    * Dual band
    * Size: 104 x 45 x 17 mm
    * Weight: 80g
    * Talktime: 4 - 5 hours
    * Battery standby: 285 - 450 hours

    Looks like it, yes

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    Thanks emasu

    Only thing I was worried about was that by pic message that it meant those little pics you can add to texts.
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