Nokia 215 just £19! Nokia is coming back! Lasts a month from a single charge!

    More of a heads up but due out in the next few months!

    If 2014 was the year of the gadget bargain, then 2015 looks like the year that affordable handsets get supercharged. Microsoft has just unveiled the Nokia 215, a wallet-friendly handset with an absolutely mammoth battery life.

    The 215 costs just $29 (£18.99), yet manages an astonishing 29 days on standby. That's for the single SIM version. The dual SIM variant lasts a still very respectable 21 days before needing a recharge. Which will be a godsend if you're travelling and only need a phone in case of emergencies.

    It also offers full web access using the Opera Mini browser, Bing search, MSN Weather, Twitter and Facebook. Instant notifications mean you're always in the loop, while it also packs all the standard features you'd expect from a budget blower: a built-in torchlight, 20 hours talk time, MP3 playback, FM radio and a VGA camera.

    Microsoft doesn't have a UK price or launch date yet, but it has said it will launch in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia in the first three months of this year. Keep your eyes peeled, as we'll let you know the latest info as soon as we hear it.

    Obviously these are not first choice mobiles for most but definitely worth buying just for a spare emergency phone! I know I'll be buying one…rge


    Not a deal as no uk price and no launch date.

    Last a month on a single charge but only 20hrs talktime.....

    Perfect for anyone on a huge expedition abroad, with it having internet access, facebook for keeping friends and family up to dateetc. Also has a 32GB micro SD card slot for music...a perfect travellers phone for little cash.....I can see it having its (limited admittedly) uses in the marketplace.

    If its under £20 then these will sell like hot cakes

    I thought the Nokia 105 did that anyway?


    I thought the Nokia 105 did that anyway?

    I think emphasis is both on battery and internet browsing. Nokia 105 doesn't have internet browsing.


    If its under £20 then these will sell like hot cakes

    it will be £29 (_;)

    [email protected]

    it will be £29 (_;)

    29 dollars mate, its under 20 quid
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