Nokia 30% quidco couple of months back, anybody get it?

    I purchased a Nokia phone (from via Quidco a few months back while the 30% offer was on but it tracked at 5% when the money was validated.

    Quidco have been great as far as helping me (still pending) so I have no issue at all with them.

    I'm just curious if anyone else purchased from Nokia while this offer was on and had it track correctly? Wondering if my issue was an isolated incident.


    I seem to remember it as 30% discount not 30% Quidco, but I could be wrong.

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    Definitely was 30% cashback as quidco have amended my payment to the correct amount (pending and greyed out) and told me that Nokia will decide within 60 days.

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    Just got an email telling me to log into Quidco.

    Payment has been verified so i'll be getting the full £75 at some point. :thumbsup:

    Gotta love quidco, keeping me informed while going that extra mile. Sky, BT Broadband you listening THAT is how you deal with customer issues.

    It works.. I got £99 when I bought a Nokia E71 last year! :whistling: Initially it didn't track but the staff at Quidco have sorted it out when I provided them with the order numbers etc.

    You should keep track of your purchases especially the large ones like this. If they do not appear as tracked the next day, wait for a while and register an enquiry.
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