Nokia 5800 - Anyone got this phone - Any views?

    Anyone who has this phone, got any views on it?

    Any good apps for it?

    Hows the camera, battery life, screen ?


    its all good mate, i love it. best phone ive had so far

    I have it, I am a bit disappointed with it, i think the camera is poo, the handset itself is a bit chunky to hold, my kids like it for the music, nothing brill about it really

    Considering the price, its well worth it and I really love it!!!!!

    Plenty of apps around for it.

    But I wouldn't use it for a main phone as it doesn't have all the features I want. Personally I'm waiting for Nokia n97 - which will be able to run ALL Nokia symbian 3rd edition apps as it has a physical keyboard.


    I have had mine for around 3 weeks now, and i love it. Great touch screen, I find the camera pretty good as well as everything else to be fair.

    im a nokia fan boy and couldnt wait to get this as an upgrade. glad i have it now though!

    i find this website good for mobile phones [url][/url]

    I've had one since Feb 09 and it is in for repair again! It keeps turning itself off and Vodafone said it needed software update. Got it back last Weds from repair and had to take it in again
    last Fri with same problem.
    Googled " 5800 turning itself off" and it seems to be same fault for quite a few other owners.
    I might just be unlucky??
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