nokia 5800 applications

    I love my nokia 5800 but everytime i see an iphone advert with all the different apps it makes me jealous.

    does anyone know of any sites with good apps for the 5800?





    sorry to sound dim, but are they free ones

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    thanks for that although there still does not seem to be enough apps for the phone. the only one i downloaded out of all of them is the guitar one and thats only cause im bored!!

    I'm sat up waiting for the delivery of my Nokia 5800 and I've been eyeing up applications for this.

    ]MyPhone is designed to make your 5800 look like the iphone which is a pretty cool idea. I know there'll be a few people saying "If you want an iphone why not just buy an iphone" but this is just an application that you can open/close whenever you like and has some cool features, like the slide to unlock feature and the page flicks from the iphone.
    You have to pay for this app but it's only about 7 pounds so you cant really complain.
    The above link is full of apps and updates for the phone too so have a browse.
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