Found 1st Feb 2009
For all those who bought the 5800 you can check which firmware you have by dialling
*#0000# , The latest version is 11.0.08 , If you dont have this just click on update and follow the instructions,


sprry but why would you care about the firmware? could anyone answer me?

Firmware updates usually improve the phone by fixing bugs and sometimes adding new features. In some cases if there are major bugs in the phone a new firmware release can significantly improve the deivce, with the 5800 the v11 brought in a lot of changes and seems to be a big step on from the v10 firmware therefore it's worth checking if you have a 5800 that it is using the newer firmware.


okay cool! thanks john!

rep added!

Up to v11.0.009 now - release dated 25/1/09

Make it so!

Soth 8-)

does anyone have v20 on their 5800 as it is available in many places accross the world but i dont think its available in the UK?

also when i go on any apps such as games, guitar, piano etc. they are still very slow at responding on (v11.0.009)

does *#war0anty# (*#92702689#) still give info on nokias?


i tried this and it came up request not complete any ideas why?


does *#war0anty# (*#92702689#) still give info on nokias?

i got "life timer 00:00:03"

*#0000# gives the software info which is more useful in this context

so....has anyone managed to upgrade to firmware v20
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