Nokia 5800 from carphonewarehouse

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Found 12th Mar 2009
If I buy the Nokia 5800 from carphonewarehouse on T-mobile contract will it be unlocked?

I'm looking at this contract…ONS



i got mine from T-mobile and it is unlocked and unbranded... So probably

If the handset has no branding (ie on T on it) the odds are its unlocked, if it's branded T-Mobile it could be locked.
CPW 'tend' to sell unbranded sim free models so they can stick any sim in.

been looking at that phone as well and came up with this…als
a bit dearer but looks a good deal imho

got mine from t mobile direct and it is locked, very minimal branding (got rid of that) and have asked them for unlock code, they charge £14.xx

do not buy anything from carphone warehouse, read reviews

All the phones I've had over the last 8 years from T-Mobile have been locked.

Today I recieved my first phone that is unlocked. I bought the Nokia 6600 fold (DH has the slide) from which I understand is a subsidery of carphone warehouse.

I got the phone for free and 350mins / 250 txts (any network) for £35 per month but 11 months 1/2 price, 12 month contract.

I had a 5800 for a week on vodafone upgrade, I thought it was pants. Poor GUI, poor touchscreen response, didn't like the raised edge, cheap plasticky look and feel, bendy screen etc etc. I am used to Symbian (had an N95 8GB) but I found this s l o w.
I compared it to a friends iphone and the 5800 was outclassed in almost every way. Even the supposed excellence of the dedicated sound card on the 5800 sounded no better to me than my N95 8GB.
If you can do without the 'slightly' better camera on the 5800 (I wasn't impressed with it) and the mms thing etc then go for an iphone. I've just ordered one.
5800 on PAYG = £250 + min £5 pm web = £310 over 12 months
iphone on PAYG = £340 with free web for 12 months
£30 more, but in my opinion a vastly superior bit of kit, like 5 times as good.
Just thought I'd add my opinion for anyone who is not sure. I wouldn't have bothered with the 5800 if I had known.
PS I am not anti-Nokia or pro-Apple, but I just like quality kit
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