nokia 5800 help!

    Looking for some advice.....apologies in advance for sounding dumb!
    My friend messed about with the internet settings on my phone when trying to get it to connect to mcdonalds free wifi, don't ask!
    It won't connect to tesco at all now, and I can't figure out how to change it back! I've gone into the internet settings and it doesn't recognise tesco at all?


    I asume you meen Tesco Mobile?
    Just give them a call & ask them to send you the settings - you'll get a message on your phone & just press save.

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    ah thanks!

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    Thanks, I know tesco piggybacks off o2, will all these be exactly the same then?

    I am sorry.. I don't think the o2 settings will work.. Maybe this will help..…gs/
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