Nokia 5800 internet modem speeds/settings

    I have the nokia 5800 and i'm currently using it as an internet modem for my laptop. I'm on virgin and i read somewhere that you can expect speeds of up to 3.6mb/s but i'm never getting anywhere near that and i always have full signal all the time at home. It's just annoying as i can't watch any youtube videos smoothly...just wondering if anyone knows if you can tweak the settings to make it faster?

    My average download speed is 20kb/s.


    20k's not bad for lappy+phone connection.

    You have to remember that they were never designed to stream video to a screen bigger than the phones. Also watch you don't fall foul of the 'fair usage' policy if you watching video, it uses a heck of lot of data and you soon run out of 'unlimited' data. ..

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    Well its rubbish at playing youtube videos on the phone too...its slow there. I'm just sure i saw that its "upto 3.6mb/s" and with a constant full'd think it would at least meet half of its potential speed. But guess not..
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