Nokia 5800- retrieving emails

    I have now got hold of my nokia 5800 and i have just got free web browsing and email from o2.

    They are sending me through the settings to browse the web but what i would like to know is how do i go about getting my hotmail emails through onto my mobile?
    I have read that you have to upgrade to a premium hotmail account but i know that some people have got around this.

    If possible could someone give some information on how to do this?
    My web will be free from tomorrow so i would ideally like to start using it tomorrow.

    Many thanks



    just navigate to [url][/url] ???

    I couldn't get hotmail to work, haven't researched it either I only get spam on that account anyway. I just use my sky and my old net providers email address on my phone.

    read this…738

    wouldn't bother myself

    "well hotmail is an HTTP mail server. Does the n95 support http mail servers? i dont think so. only IMAP and pop3 mail servers are supported by the symbian devices."

    alternatively I found this which seemed quite good…118

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    thanks both for the info my web is free from tomorrow so il try it tomorrow.
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