Nokia 5800 XpressMedia Mobile Phone Faults


    I took out one of the T-Mobile 18 months + free Nokia 5800 XpressMedia mobile phone for my daughter.

    A few months into the contract the top of the phone where the charging port and power button sits had worked it's self loose.

    Four weeks ago My daughter went to use the phone and noticed that the charging port and power button had come apart from the phone (missing) i sent phone back to Nokia and explained what happen. I received the phone back today stating (Physical Damage).

    I don't want to sound rude. Before someone says "Why did i not do anything when problem started" i was not aware until four weeks ago.

    I just wanted to know if this was a noted fault on the Nokia 5800 XpressMedia mobile phones, where the charging port, power button and casing comes loose.

    The phone is still in warranty, where do i stand?



    I had a 5800 for the last 18mths and never had an issue with the case or buttons so can't say its a known issue but maybe I was lucky

    I haven't had an issue with this either.

    Nokia usually replace it as they are good with things like that - usually.

    Where did you buy it from? Take it there, they may send it on your behalf.

    How old is your daughter?

    No disrespect but if she's young, say it's your phone as they may try the old chesnut that if she's young she may mishandle things etc of you get the jist.

    Good luck.

    Original Poster

    Where did you buy it from? Take it there, they may send it on your behalf.

    Thanks for replies.

    T-Mobile - Been down that route, it was T-Mobile who told me to contact Nokia. I cannot understand how they come up with "Physical Damage" for their answer, there are no cracks on it.

    No problem with mine over 18 months either - seems pretty solid build quality.

    They must have decided your daughter has damaged somehow.

    Perhaps call them up or take it to a Nokia repair centre and see what they say.

    My OH has one of these and can't wait for her contract to end and get a new phone. The latest problem is whilst texting, the phone starts to randomly delete the message. I didn't believe her the first time until she actually showed me when it happened again X)

    She's had software issues, memory problems (phone just deleting contacts for no apparent reason), screen problems. Been back to Nokia twice already. Apparently it needs to be 3 times before they consider replacing rather than fixing the phone.

    Had mine 18 probs at all
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