Nokia 6111

    Any views re this phone would be greatly appreciated before I buy it!

    Anyone know of any offers for a monthly contract at no more that £10/15pm?



    the phone is free on all contracts so getting it at that price should be no problem.

    The phone itself....there is better on the market even at that monthly cost!
    they tend to freeze up a bit and also are plagued frequently by the white screen of death.

    Original Poster

    Thanks - we like Nokia - any suggestions?…y=4

    7 different models available but the cheapest contract is £19 per month.

    You may have more luck arranging a half price line rental for x amount of time with cpw or try another internet deal

    what you see free on the o2 shop link above for Nokia should be free through most other outlets. HTH :thumbsup:
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